I'm Ondrej Homola,
a Lead UX Designer @ Volvo Cars.

I lead a team of designers crafting the next generation in-car User Experience for millions of drivers and passengers around the globe.

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ŠKODA Cockpit UX

Crafting Cockpit UX for a car is nowhere as simple as designing a mobile app. While research, prototyping, user testing are a key of any digital product, automotive requires a heavy focus on user needs, ergonomics, driver distraction tests, legal requirements, and making everything as simple as possible.

My team and I, work on concepts and series production designs for HMI, infotainment and in-car apps.

This project is currently under NDA. Stay tuned.

ŠKODA UX Organization

Automotive companies realized that customers need exciting and consistent UX when checking out cars online, purchasing one at a dealership, driving it home, and setting it up via a mobile app. The gap between the physical and digital world is significant and it opened up an opportunity for a proper user-centered approach.

I joined VW Group to help with leading UX at ŠKODA Auto. In my team, we focus on UX strategy, processes, talent, and leadership in strategic products.

This project is currently under NDA. Stay tuned.

IBM Digital Business Assistant

Imagine that you have an assistant that helps you focus on your daily work and task at hand. The assistant is out there staying on top of your business-critical workloads.

If something comes up, the assistant proactively notifies you of the situation, recommends actionable steps and drives you towards successful task completion.

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IBM Recruitment as a Service

Step in, to learn how I uncovered pain points, formed a team and collaboratively delivered a product that changed recruiting at IBM Design.

"Hiring 2000 designers to reinvent IBM and become the largest design organization in the world brings many challenges."

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Outstanding Technical Achievement Award presented to Ondrej Homola for Design and Implementation of Recruitment as a Serice for IBM Studios worldwide

IBM Watson Language Services

Read how we made the experience better by enabling app developers to easily discover, experiment and directly try the Watson API for language translation, speech to text and text to speech.

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See what it took to design an engaging way for Porsche fans to learn more about the rich history of Porsche. I utilized the latest web trends to create nostalgia and attract younger audiences.

In late 2018, this experience celebrated astonishing 275,000 visitors.

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Honorable Awwward for PORSCHEvolution

Homola Motorsport

In the shadow of each race driver is a team of people making it happen. I spent the last decade leading the design and digital media for the most successful race driver from Slovakia, who races in FIA World Touring Car Cup - the pinnacle of touring car racing.

This case study describes how I successfully rebranded his race team, built 90,000 social media fan base and prepared sponsorship pitches for 1,000,000 €.

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With my Design Thinking methodologies, I’ll drive your team and the problem towards a delightful experience & design solution.

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