Project Live Racing
UI & User-Centred Design, HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, Phone Gap, Android

The goal of this project was to develop a system for Android devices, which would enable a real-time communication between the race car and the pit crew during the race events. As this was a user-centred design, it was reviewed all the way through with users from a successful FIA European Touring Car Championship team. The design and development process started with sketching, wireframes and mockups, continued with coding and finished with final testing.

Please check out following blog for the documentation.

Project Live Racing

Design Process

The concept for the sketches came directly from one-on-one user interviews. They explore the basic functionality of the app.

In Balsamiq, sketches were translated into a low-fidelity click prototype. For the initial user testing session, the prototype had a sketchy design, which let users focus on the system functions rather than on the design.

The pixel perfect mockups were designed in Adobe Illustrator CC. The design process of mockups involved multiple user reviews, which brought a number of requests for the design changes.

Project Live Racing


Initial research explored a solution of how the system should be developed. It required developing an app for 3 Android devices, which were then interconnected with the cloud and the car. The app was coded with HTML, PHP, MySQL, jQuery & CSS3, while using the design from the mockups.

The app will be tested and evaluated soon with users.

Project Live Racing