IBM Desgin Incubator
UX Design, IBM Design Thinking, Front End coding

In Fall 2015, I spent 3 months in Austin, TX in IBM Design Bootcamp 2015. Over there me and 65 other designers went through an extensive training, which was focused on learning & using IBM Design Thinking methods and applying IBM Design Language.

Last 6 weeks were spent on an Incubator Project, where we as a team - me, 3 other UX, 1 visual, 1 front end developer and 1 researcher had to bridge a gap between IBM Incubator Project and executives at IBM.

IBM Desgin Incubator Program


We as a team applied IBM Design Thinking throughout the whole design and development process, which involved lots of user research and playbacks to the steak holders at IBM. Once we had initial research done me and other UX designers focused on the experience and story.

After that a visual designer took our ideas and created mockups. Eventually me and the other front end developer coded fully working website, which went live on the last day. Sry it is behind IBM firewall.

IBM Desgin Incubator Program