Homola Motorsport
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For last 6 years I have been working at Homola Motorsport as a Digital Media Manager on volunteer basis. Homola Motorsport is one of the most successful and popular racing teams from Slovakia. My role was changing over the years, it all started in 2009 when Homola Motorsport was the first website that I have ever created! Since then I have done at least 6 redesigns + rebuilds of Homola Motorsport.

Homola Motorsport

The design of the website was evolving the same pace as my experience, hence that’s why we had every year a brand new website! The issue was that when I have learned something new in web design, at the same time I was not happy with this website – so I had to update it!

The website got quite complex over the years, as it has actually more than 8 years of content, it is full of press releases both in Slovak and in English and there are photos and videos from each event. For that reason the website is running on Joomla CMS.

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