Planet Loo
UI & Mobile App Design

Planet Loo does one simple thing: it gives you the possibility to find restrooms close to your current location. The database of restrooms doesn’t just contain public toilets but restrooms inside restaurants or stores. Especially in unfamiliar surroundings, for example if you are on a trip, this app can be a real lifesaver.

Back in 2013, I spent one month in Zhenzghou, China, where basically nobody spoke English. And trust me, searching for when you don’t speak the local language might be a nightmare! After this trip, I went for an exchange to Stuttgart - Germany, where we have formed an international student team and we started working on the prototype of the toilet searching app.

Planet Loo


Planet Loo was originally a User Interface project with a code name Pee & Poo. We were tasked to create a prototype and document the work. Besides managing the project and the team I was mainly involved in wireframing, mockup & prototype development and the eye tracker research and evaluation.

We got very positive feedback and in Spring 2014 the professor of UX asked us develop this app, for real this time! Pleasantly surprised by this possibility, we have looked the feedback we got from the evaluation and we have redesigned the UI to make the app even better. Consequently, a back-end developer joined our team, who did enormous work with coding this app natively in Java.

Planet Loo

The App

The app is ready to be published on the Google Play Store, but the lists of restrooms are still in progress. The next stage will be to offer businesses like restaurants or stores to add their toilets to our database in order to promote themselves.

There is an interview about this app done by a local newspaper in Stuttgart. Click here to read the complete article.

Click here to see how the app works.

Planet Loo