http://porschevolution.com | UX & UI Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery

It was my passion for cars and Porsche that lead me to create this project, aimed at demonstrating my UI, UX and Web Development skills.

My idea was to create a unique experience and immerse users while taking a journey through the history of Porsche.

PORSCHEvolution is a parallax scrolling website paying homage to the design of Porsche. As you scroll the music changes according to the era while you get to read up on additional information about the Porsche cars.



At first I started with sketches that reflect my initial plan for PORSCHEvolution concept. The basic idea was to have a clean front page with almost like ‘PlayStation’ game experience with flashing ‘START YOUR JOURNEY’ text to immerse website visitors.

Other screens have a fixed header with logo and fixed menu in left sidebar. The screens with cars have a brief description of the model.

Afterwards, I could clearly visualise the website, so therefore, without any wireframes or mockups I have immediately jumped to coding. I developed it myself in HTML, CSS3, jQuery.


Promotion and Awwards

I have entered a competition for Awwwards The Best Website of The Day and even though I didn’t win the best price I was Honourably Mentioned!

What confirms a potential of this kind of an immersive experience is a number of visitors – over 20.000 visits in less than 3 months!